Renew® NCP-5 Features

The most exciting advance in ECP technology in more than 20 years.

The features of the Renew® NCP-5 make it a major advance in ECP machines:


Unlike other ECP machines, the Renew® NCP-5 folds to a compact, portable size that is easy to move between treatment areas, and position where it’s most convenient. Renew® NCP-5 provides the same effective ECP treatment as large, stationary units.


The Renew® NCP-5 runs on standard 115-VAC power so you can plug it into any power outlet in your clinic. Quiet and cool - no distraction or annoyance to patients or staff.

Ease of Use

Everything about the Renew® NCP-5 is designed for ease of use.

  • Large 15.6-inch color monitor
  • Cuff configuration for all sizes
  • User interface runs on Microsoft® Windows® to make treatment sessions easier


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