How Renew® NCP-5 Therapy Works

During Renew ECP Therapy, inflatable cuffs (similar to blood pressure cuffs) are wrapped around the calves, thighs and hips. Sensors are placed on the chest to detect the heartbeat. When the procedure starts, the cuffs inflate and deflate in time with the heartbeat. Inflation happens in rapid succession from the calves up to the hips repeatedly until the procedure is over. The inflation of the cuffs squeezes blood from the lower legs up toward the heart, thus improving blood flow in and around the heart. The rhythmic pulsing of the cuffs is firm, yet comfortable – like a leg massage. Many patients find it soothing and relaxing. View the animation to learn more.

Ask your doctor if Renew ECP Therapy is right for you.

ECP is covered by Medicare and may be covered by other private insurances. Check with your insurance carrier before beginning treatment.